Another place, another time... in an age of wander

  • Senior librarians are also taught how to deal with the dangers of navigating L-space, such as the "harmless kickstool crabs, large and heavy wandering thesauri, the .303 bookworm and the dreaded clichés, which must be avoided at all costs."
  • The name L-space is based on use of E-space (Exo-space) and N-space
    (Normal space) used by Doctor Who.
  • L-space, short for library-space, is the ultimate portrayal of Pratchett's concept that the written word has powerful magical properties on the Discworld, and that in large quantities all books warp space and time around them. The principle of L-space revolves around a seemingly logical equation; it is an extension of the aphorism 'Knowledge is Power'
  • {Books} = {Knowledge} = {Power} = {{Mass} x {Distance}2} x {{Time}3}.
  • Large quantities of magical and mundane books create portals into L-space that can be accessed using innate powers of librarianship that are taught by the Librarians of Time and Space to those deemed worthy across the multiverse.
  • Libraries with enough books to open a portal are often large and sprawling; those venturing into L-space may not necessarily know that they have arrived.
  • The floor and ceiling of L-space follow the floor and ceiling of the library used to access it; the best example of this is that the central dome of Unseen University's library is "always overhead".
  • In every direction and as far as the eye can see bookshelves stretch off, meaning the nature of any walls are unknown.
  • Essentially, all bookstores are potentially infinite in extent; gateways into literary hyperspace: "a good bookshop is just a genteel blackhole that knows how to read."
  • Because L-space links every library, (and also possibly Death's Autobiography Library), it is possible to reach any one of these throughout space, time and the multiverse. This means that there are potentially other forms of data storage other than books as it represents every library anywhere.
  • One can read any book ever written, any book that will be written at some point and books that were planned for writing that were not, as well as any book that could possibly be written.
  • Adventurers may find markings and scribbled notes on the shelves to help them navigate.
  • Opening Ceremony: 7pm Friday July 5

  • Closing Ceremony: 3pm Monday July 8

Opening & Closing Ceremony Times...

As you may have seen in the member newsletter, our Opening & Closing Ceremony times have been confirmed!
The official opening ceremony will take place at 7pm on Friday July 5th. There will be programming on Friday during the day for early arrivals and Thursday for those coming in to enjoy the July 4th Celebrations.
Closing ceremony will take place at 3pm on Monday July 8th and should last approximately one hour. See you soon!

Guest Announcements - Jennifer Brehl & Anne Hoppe

We are thrilled to announce both Jennifer Brehl & Anne Hoppe will be joining us in July! Both have been working with Sir Terry as his editors in the US for several years and we can't wait to have them as our guests! Please see the Guest page for more details on all of our upcoming guests this July.

The Abbess of Cool has spoken...

Hi Folks --

Allow me to introduce myself and show off this charming new habit I am wearing to identify me as the Abbess of Cool, aka the Guild Liaison for NADWCon 2013.

The Brits have a complex system of Guild games and contests (except in years with a religious theme, when it is sometimes Sects). We North Americans developed our Guild system more organically, and NADWCon 2013 has decided to run with it. One thing we would like to do is reward Guilds that provide lots of volunteers, and I'm working on an InterGuild award system to do so. Programming would also like me to ask for ideas and program participants in areas of Guild interest.

Beyond that, I hope to provide the Guilds with a platform to do their own thing (but making sure the ConCom knows what is going on so we don't create chaos, er MORE chaos). So, what is this Own Thing that I am going to be liasing? That depends on what the Individual Guild's want. Some ideas would work for any group: throw a room party, sponsor a time in the con-suite, help with (Guild appropriate [or not] ambiance and deco. Other things might make sense for a specific Guild: I know there is a plotting of inhumations (according to proper procedures, of course, to keep it fun) going on in the Assassin's Guild, for instance.

If you are in a Guild (or guilds) --- All ideas and suggestions welcome. Ones which come with an offer to do some of the work involved are best, of course.

If you are not in a Guild but would like to be -- There are a bunch spread out on Facebook (some of which also have other venues), go find the one that interests you and join. (I'm contacting all the Guilds I know about over the next few days -- if you don't hear from me, please contact me.

If the Guild you seek doesn't exist, consider forming one -- And Tell ME! (Otherwise how can I liaise with you?) Given our L-Space theme it seems a shame we don't have a Librarian's Guild.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sarah Qubla d' Hersheba
Abbess of Cool


Could you be a Dealer at NADWCon 2013?

Calling all Dibblers! We are seeking Dealers to trade at the NADWCon 2013 and provide a vibrant shopping experience for our attendees.

For full details & application forms please see the Dealer pages under the Sign Up menu or follow the link below!

Dealer overview

CMOT Dibbler miniature from PJSM Prints