Charity Auction

All proceeeds from this auction will go to
The Orangutan Foundation and The Alzheimer’s Research Trust

We have a lot of great stuff donated to us, much of it consists of props and costumes from the Going Postal Movie!

If you have any items you wish to donate to our auction, or if you have questions about our charity auction please contact us at and include a title and description for the item, any special characteristics (i.e. is it a limited edition, a signed copy, is it handmade, etc.), and who should be listed as the donator of the item. Please also include an image if possible.  Thank you very much for all donations!

Items That Will Be Auctioned at NADWCon2011
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Props from The Going Postal Movie:
-10 sheets uncut stamps
-Golem Trust poster
-4 newspapers
-Golem Trust pamphlet
-Dave's Pin Exchange envelope
-Extreme Pins magazine
-Discworld Pin Enthusiast magazine
-1 stack Cabbage Growers Bank Bonds
-Ironcrust "pastry" paperweight
-Moist von Lipwig prison "outfit" (shirt and vest) from Going Postal the movie
-Sergeant Angua City Watch outfit - pants, shirt, jacket, cape, breastplate, helmet, sword belt, and collar badge
-Wood and metal "Grand Trunk No. 2" sign
-Pin board with pins from Going Postal the movie

Items from the 2010 UK Discworld Convention:
-10 2010 UK Con post-its
-11 2010 UK Con balloons
-2 2008 UK Con pens
-1 2010 UK Con pen
-6 2010 UK Con "Angst" fortune cookies with Discworld fortunes

-7 foreign language books (5 Colour of Magic, 2 Light Fantastic)
-New Worlds SF magazine, #156 November 1965. Featuring Night Dweller, the second ever publication by a teenage Terry Pratchett. This story has not been included in an anthology, so this quite possibly is the only place to read it. - Donated by Charlene Curiale with special thanks to Pat Harkin
-In Search of British Heroes, A Companion to the Channel 4 Series Fact or Fiction. Donated and autographed by Tony Robinson
-The Worst Children's Jobs in History, Donated and autographed by Tony Robinson
-3 Autographed Photos of Tony Robinson. Donated and autographed by Tony Robinson

Games- Donated by TreeFrog Games and autographed by game designer Martin Wallace
-One proto type of the Discworld game
-One of the limited edition copies of London The Game. This version has the beautiful wooden pieces.
-One signed copy of 'Battle of the Buffet'
-One prototype Orangutan card game. 

Art -
-Guards Guards. The original hand painted work used for the the 1991 US Book Club edition - Donated by the artist Doug Andersen