The Guild of Chelonavigators

Sponsor and oversight committee for the biennial North American Discworld Convention.


The Guild of Chelonavigators exists to advise, support, and  advance the efforts of dedicated Discworld fans in running the biennial North American Discworld Convention, as well as to designate the location and group that will hold each convention, and to maintain   information, archives, funds, intellectual property, and anything else  related to the convention from year to year.

Voting Officers:

  • Emily S. Whitten, Esq. (Chair)
  • Denise Connell
  • Margaret Grady
  • Patrick Harkin
  • Jean Tillson

Chelonavigational Consultant:

  • Anna M. Caggiano

Duties of the Guild:

a) To  decide the location and committee for each NADWCon, after careful consideration of bids submitted in response to the Guild’s bid    solicitation guidelines.

b) To  maintain information and data related to all NADWCons, such as website  archives and databases from past conventions, email and mailing list  info, and other archives that either preserve memories of the past cons or are helpful to the future cons.

c) To  manage and act as trustee for any funds to be used in  running each con or maintaining the convention enterprise, as well as any intellectual property that may be owned or used by the con.

d) To act  as a resource and advisor for the new convention committee in any matters in which the Guild’s experience might help in  planning and  putting on the new con, as well as, if needed, to liaise with or  introduce committee members to guests or fans the Guild has  interacted with before.

Please note: While the Guild maintains contact and shares information with the active convention planning committee for each year as part of its duties, the convention planning committee, rather than the Guild, is autonomously responsible for all active planning of that year’s convention. Once a convention committee and location for an NADWCon has  been selected and announced, please do not contact the Guild regarding planning for that NADWCon. However, concerns, questions, or suggestions  regarding the functions and duties of the Guild are welcome.


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