Dealer's Room and Art Show

Art Show

We are accepting submissions for the Art Show up till 10am July 8th. We do prefer to know in advance so we can print out your price card, etc (by contacting us at, but we don't want to turn away any of the talent in our marvelous community*.

*Please be aware that prime real estate is first contacted, first displayed, and while your piece will be displayed with dignity, it may not be hung in the spot you desire till another piece is sold and note there is a $1.50 hosting fee per piece.

Melvyn Grant
Doug Andersen
Jill Bauman
Lissanne Lake
Peter Scanlan

Dealers Room

The NADWCon Dealer's Area is looking forward to your business!
We have a 51' by 37' room reserved for the duration of our convention and have
8 ft by 2 1/2 ft tables available. The Dealer's Room is on the ground floor of the Concourse Hotel very close to the hotel's bar, its restaurant, the elevators, and just off the main lobby. Given this high traffic area we expect steady business to the Dealer's Room throughout our four day convention.

The NADWCon 2011 will also be making our Dealer's Area and Art Show open to the general public! Our convention will be taking place during the same time as a HUGE art and craft event here in Madison, with about a quarter of a million people in attendance! Madison's annual Art Fair on the Square brings in people from all over the country and will be taking place only one block away from the hotel. The Dealer's Area is located just down a straight hallway from an entrance that will be right off of the Fair, and signs and personnel will be in place to direct people to the Art Show and Dealer's Area.

The NADWCon 2011 will be taking place from July 8-11 and our Dealer's Area is available for setup as early as July 7th. Each Dealer's Room reservation includes a single 8 ft by 2 1/2 ft table and a full adult membership to the convention. Additional tables and memberships can be purchased separately.

Dealer's Room Reservation - $150 (8 ft by 2 1/2 ft table, and one adult membership)
Additional Table - $50 (8 ft by 2 1/2 ft)
Additional Membership - $75 (adult membership only)

To make a reservation, or for more details and to have any questions answered please contact our Dealer's Room Coordinator:

Dealers will be required to explain the wares they will be selling, and are subject to approval. No "bootleg" or unofficial Discworld merchandise will be allowed at the NADWCon 2011.

Below are some of the dealers that you will see at our convention!

The Discworld Emporium

Whether recent convert or Discworld devotee, you can be sure of a warm welcome at our shop in Wincanton, Somersetshire and at our events held throughout the year. Until then, explore our secure online shop where you'll find a grand range of Discworld wares including books, jewellery, collectibles, stamps, and Thud!

PJSM Prints

PJSM Prints, Featuring the artwork of Paul Kidby, offers the widest possible range of discworld merchandise and gifts from buttons badges and prints through to t-shirts and signed books.

Lookout Mountain Bookstore

We specialize in the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, especially the Discworld books.  We have hardcovers and paperbacks, Mapps, comics, leather bound copies, you-name-it. 
  Basement books

We sell out of print gently used science fiction and fantasy novels, art books, pulps and detective fiction along with reference works for the genre.

DreamHaven specializes in new and used science fiction, fantasy, horror, film and media books, comics, and graphic novels. 
Instant Attitudes

Since 1992, proudly making and selling thought-provoking (and sometimes more-than-that provoking) stuff, currently including bumper stickers and T-shirts.
Starcat Designs
One-of-a-kind hand made jewelry designs such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets & pendants, Kumihimo necklaces & bracelets and various gift items such as Celtic Totes, mortar-and-pestle sets, beaded suncatchers and much more!
  Mad Hattery

Handmade custom hats - not cheap felt forms bought at an art store! Custom sizes and scales, from mini top hats to oversized wellingtons.

Ravenworks is the clothier to the well-dressed time traveler. Whether you travel to the dark realms of the Middle Ages or the wild frontiers of the Old West, Ravenworks is there to bring you quality clothing and excellent accessories for your faire, re-enactment or other special event. We also carry an amazing line of cloaks, ruanas and other mysterious wraps to clothe you in magic.
The Zombie Rights Campaign
Since our founding, the ZRC has been a tireless advocate for the equal rights of the undead. Our organization is composed of individuals from every walk of life and every state of animation, from zombies struggling to gain recognition as persons, to the living who strive daily to help achieve that goal.