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Terry  Pratchett UK
The official Terry Pratchett UK publisher's site.

HarperCollins Author Tracker: Terry Pratchett
Sign up to receive email notices of Terry Pratchett's new books, tour  dates, and promotions. Look forward to everything from interviews with   Terry to online games.

Moist Makes  Money
A MySpace for Terry Pratchett's book, Making Money.

Colin Smythe Ltd: Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett's agent provides a comprehensive listing of the many   translations and editions of the books, associated merchandising, etc.

Google News Alerts
Stay up-to-date on the latest news by creating Google News Alerts for  "Discworld" and "Terry Pratchett."

Discworld   News from PJSM Prints
All the latest Pratchett news, including info on the making of The  Colour of Magic, etc.

The L-Space Web
Immense fansite staffed by the dedicated L-Space Librarians of the newsgroup. Home to the Annotated Pratchett File, the   Pratchett Quote File, the Discworld Reading Order Guides, the  Discworld  Timeline, articles and interviews, cover art, a listing of radio and TV  appearances, a guide to Discworld fandom, and everything else you  can  possibly imagine (as well as many things you probably can't).

Discworld and   Pratchett Wiki
Contribute your own Discworld knowledge to this growing  online resource.

Discworld Compendium
Compilation of information about Terry Pratchett and Discworld.

Electric Escape
A searchable database of quotes from Terry Pratchett's novels.

Discworld Monthly
Jason Anthony's free monthly online newsletter, bringing you all the Discworld news that's fit to print for over a decade. Includes a calendar of Discworld events, "Small Ads," and competitions with prizes.

Sign up to this Yahoo! Group to become a member of the Klatchian Foreign Legion (a worldwide Discworld fan association) and receive a free email  newsletter with an emphasis on U.S. and Australian Discworld fandom.

The Guild of Fans and Disciples
Coordinated by Elizabeth Alway, GOFAD is a fee-based but non-profit Discworld  fanclub offering a printed newsletter, a fan starter pack, and various  special offers.

From Rim to Hub
Excellent site for news and updates regarding all things Pratchett.

Other 2011 Discworld Cons Around the World

Nullus Anxietas 3
The Australian Discworld Convention 2011

Our friends in Australia are organising another excellent long weekend filled with fun, entertaining performances, fun, interesting discussions and wonderful people (and more fun). (Warning: May contain Terry Pratchett)

Cabbage Con - The First Dutch Discworld Convention
This will be a celebration for many fans of the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, both Dutch and non-Dutch.

The German Discworld Convention
Be sure to check out their site.

The Irish Discworld Convention
Coming in late 2011


Discworld Games and Fan  Productions

 Discworld   MUD
This free "multiplayer, text-based, online game (a MUD) based on the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett" is "a fully-featured and well-established MUD with many possibilities for player interaction" and many active members.

Home of  the first Discworld boardgame. Buy a copy or play a free  virtual game  online with other fans.

Snowgum Films
Australian production company behind the Discworld fan films Troll  Bridge and Run, Rincewind, Run!


Terry Pratchett in Other Media

 Going Postal: The Movie
The people who brought you Sky One's Hogfather and The Colour of Magic take you on an adventure with the Sto Plain's most notorious theif, and most trusted civil servant.

Only You Can Save Mankind, The Album
Information on Only You Can Save  Mankind, The Album. The CD and download of this will be available  from PJSM Prints and iTunes, respectively, in late September 2009.

The Colour Of Magic: The Movie
The talented team behind Sky One's Hogfather brings you back to  where the Discworld first began.

Hogfather: The Movie
Sky One's promotional site for the award-winning made-for-cable film.  Enjoy photos, videos, podcasts, and interviews.

News about the U.S. release of Hogfather
Press release on the U.S. release of Hogfather: The Movie.


Discworld Art, Merchandise,  and Affiliates |
PJSM Prints, featuring a wide variety of fun,  high-quality merchandise  largely based on the popular Discworld art of Paul Kidby; and, the personal website of the highly acclaimed Discworld  artist Paul Kidby.

Crystal Connection
Lovely licensed adornments,  including Tiffany's white horse necklace, by jeweler Barrie Wakeford.

The Cunning Artificer's   Discworld Emporium
Famed as "a place where Discworld becomes  real," Bernard and Isobel   Pearson's Discworld shop in Wincanton, England (twinned with  Ankh-Morpork!) sells a great range of Discworld merchandise, including  sculptures, stamps (with accompanying collectors forum), and Octiron Forge artifacts in metal. Also hosts spring, summer, and winter  events‚  featuring Terry Pratchett in attendance.

Mark Ayling Designs
Detailed reproductions of the iconograph,  dis-organizer, and Death's  clock from a former Clarecraft artist.

Stephen   Briggs
Website of the award-winning audiobook reader and Discworld thespian  famed for his portrayal of Vetinari, author of many Discworld play adaptations and Discworld tie-in books, and purveyor of CMOT Dibbler's  line of  Discworld merchandise.

Neil Gaiman
Website of Neil Gaiman, co-author of Good Omens.

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